We are looking for ready, willing and able volunteers to lead CORNSTOCK! Are you interested?

Board members facilitate every aspect of this festival. 


  • Concert
  • Partnerships/Sponsorships
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Relations/Advertising
  • Ticket Sales/Outlets
  • Security
  • Vendors
  • Scholarships
  • Charity/Fundraising
  • Volunteer Services

It takes over 150 fun-loving, active volunteers to make this festival one of the most amazing events in the region.

Voted the 2018 Organization of the Year by the Garnett Area Chamber of Commerce.

President - Gina Witherspoon
Vice President - Randy Singer
Secretary - Brittany Weiner
Treasurer - Beth Mersman

Directors -  Emmalee Bauman

                     Jodie Beets

                     Julie Burdick

                     Wendy Clark

                     Desiree Donovan

                     Brenda McCain

                     Brad McGregor
                     Mike Norman
                     Kathy Schulte

                     Wes Skillman
                     Brad Spain

Board of Directors

JOIN US! Would you like to be a part of this amazing event?