We are looking for ready, willing and able volunteers to lead CORNSTOCK 2018! Are you interested?

Board members facilitate every aspect of this festival. 


  • Concert
  • Partnerships/Sponsorships
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Relations/Advertising
  • Ticket Sales/Outlets
  • Security
  • Vendors
  • Scholarships
  • Charity/Fundraising
  • Volunteer Services

It takes over 125 fun-loving, active volunteers to make this festival one of the most amazing events in the region.

Voted the 2018 Organization of the Year!


President - Gina Witherspoon
Vice President - Twyla Duryea
Secretary - Desiree Donovan
Treasurer - Jenny Myers
Directors -  Brad McGregor
                     Beth Mersman
                     Mike Norman

                     Wendy Reasoner
                     Kathy Schulte

                     Randy Singer

                     Wes Skillman
                     Brad Spain

                     Brittany Weiner
                     Susan Wettstein

Board of Directors

JOIN US! Would you like to be a part of this amazing event?