Josh Abbott Band is a Texas country (red dirt) band from Lubbock, composed of Josh Abbott (vocals, guitar), Austin Davis (banjo), Preston Wait (fiddle, guitar), Edward Villanueva (drums), James Hertless (bass guitar), Caleb Keeter (guitar), and David Fralin (keys/mandolin).  SEE BIO

In August 2017 the band released its 5th album.   Here is what Josh Abbott has to say about it: 

“Until My Voice Gives Out” is a song about embracing life lessons learned and using them to make a better future. Josh Abbott intends to do that in a way that supports his daughter, who arrived as JAB completed the album. And the band is making a statement through that song – and through the entire risk-taking album – about its continued growth and evolution as it moves forward, a decade after that first single gave Texas a taste of JAB’s brand of country. Through its time on the road and its growth from college-aged hellraisers into successful, self-employed musicians, Josh Abbott Band has been tested thoroughly and
discovered that life’s joy comes not from playing it safe, but from taking chances and from tackling hurdles head-on.
“I feel like we’re way better than we were 10 years ago, and that’s natural,” Abbott says.
“There’s a good vibe among all of us, and a lot of familiarity, so there’s a lot of trust, which is a very simple word but very complex sometimes. There’s no ego. There’s just a group of guys working together, letting each other kind of do their own thing and loving life again.”


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SHORT SONG LIST:  She Likes Texas - Road Trippin' - Oh Tonight (with Kacey Musgraves) - My Texas (with Pat Green) - Touch - Hangin' Around - Amnesisa - Wasn't That Drunk - Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey... and more.