Disc Golf, Cornstock Disc Golf, Long Cedar Disc Golf

This event is hosted by the Long Cedar Disc Golf Club.  See FACEBOOK page.

Many thanks to everyone who enters this event.  Your participation will help us raise the funds needed to finish the new youth course at Garnett Elementary School. 

Disc Golf

*Saturday, September 28

Cornstock Tournament 2018 Winners:

Amateur Men
47 Garrett Beckman
55 Camron Blansett
56 Tony Miller
56 Kaito Thompson
57 Chris Goetz
58 Randal Gifford
58 Taylor Zimmerman
59 Mike Wilson
61 Todd Roe
61 Benny Penner
64 Keith Krause
64 Kurt Rogers
67 Rick Powers
69 Dane Byerley

Amateur Women
62 Natasha Goetz

83 Braxton Spencer 
105 Kai Goetz